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Issued by CrypTrade.
Since 2016

AceToken デジタル通貨


Issued by CrypTrade.
Since 2016

AceToken is a digital currency with the qualities of CryptoStock (Encrypted Stock) issued by CrypTrade.
We will proactively work on the development of block chain technology and enhance the liquidity of AceToken.

Whats AceToken

It is the digital currency issued from Ethereum's block chain.

Innovative products and services that utilize the block chain technology that is famous for Bitcoin and others are not yet born in the world. However, it is no doubt that this technology will spread worldwide as the core technology of various businesses and systems in view of the growth speed that is higher than the birth of the Internet.

AceToken is the digital currency issued from Ethereum's block chain. This currency has characteristics as a flexible digital currency that can handle user-defined contracts (smart contracts)/properties as with ETH.

AceToken ICO

We are calling for participation in ICO as the next-generation means of funding.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a means of raising funds such as development costs and research expenses by issuing a new digital currency and selling it for the general public. IPO (Initial Public Offering), which lists new shares and allows investors to acquire new shares, is a common means of raising funds. However, in terms of issuing digital currencies, ICO is considered to be the next-generation funding means.

AceToken CryptoStock(クリプトストック:暗号株)

Digital currencies allow us to benefit from the development and growth of issuing companies' businesses.

Furthermore, this newly originally issued digital currency is called "Token".Token is generally divided into two kinds of properties. The key currency type is a distribution-type Token that can be used as a consideration for services provided by issuing companies. The stock/securities type is a type of Token close to stocks that can earn profits in line with the development and growth of issuing companies' businesses.AceToken is not the Token, which aims to be the global key currency of the world by promoting distribution, but is the stock/securities type Token = CryptoStock (encrypted stock) where the value of Token will rise as the service developed and provided by CrypTrade grows.

Simple Wallet

CrypTrade is developing a digital currency wallet application for multi coins.

CrypTrade is developing a wallet application "SimpleWallet" where you can keep AceToken. We aim to distribute AceToken by providing the application that can manage, exchange, and transmit the four types of digital currency (Bitcoin/Ethereum/XRP/AceToken) with smartphone.

  • 4種類のデジタル通貨

    Multi Coin

    You can send and receive all four digital currencies all over the world free of charge at any time.

  • デジタル通貨ウォレットでメッセージ機能


    You can send money by email or phone number. Also, you can send messages and images together with it.

  • デジタル通貨ウォレットでTouchID


    We will lock assets from unauthorized access with TouchID using biometric authentication and authentication code.

Since it is a token with the characteristics of smart contract,
it allows us to trade smartly without going through wasteful processes.

AceToken allows interactions between individuals directly through Ethereum's block chain. It allows us to make a contract (smart contract) for trade without going through wasteful contract processes, assignment of rights, and procedures for relocation.

  • AceTokenを送信するユーザー
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  • Agreement

    Automatic Fulfillment of Contract

    Send AceToken

  • 契約(スマートコントラクト)


  • Agreement

    Automatic Fulfillment of Contract

    Receive AceToken

  • AceTokenを受け取るユーザー
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AceToken is a digital currency that allows users to benefit from the business development and growth of issuing companies.

The Fintech-related market in the world is currently said to be the 20 trillion dollar market, and the development budget of block chain technology occupies the largest share. CrypTrade is not limited to its own projects, but also actively cooperates and provides technologies to development requests from companies and organizations that need block chain technology development. In doing so, by having them to pay a part of development costs with AceToken, we will raise the corporate value of CrypTrade with technology development and the liquidity of AceToken with Business to Business: BtoB.

  • ユーザー
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    Buy and sell


    Users can trade, buy and sell AceToken freely at SimpleWallet and exchanges.

  • ユーザー
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    You can purchase AceToken from CrypTrade during the ICO period and keep it in SimpleWallet.

  • 株式会社CrypTrade(クリプトレード)
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    We charge, issue, and sell AceToken to companies, exchanges, and users.

  • 取引所
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    You can buy and sell on exchanges dealing with AceToken.

  • 企業
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    When a company requests CrypTrade to conduct development, they can make a partial payment with AceToken.

Pre-Sale Period

The total number of AceToken issued is 100 million ACE.

We will provide equal chances and opportunities to everyone who participated in this project earlier.earlier. The value of AceToken is increased day by day by trends, needs improvement, technology improvement, project development, service growth. Moreover, it is increased day by day by the development phase (stage).

Suspension period

  1. 1st Phase
    2017.3.19Sun - 5.9Tue(52 Days)
    12,000 ACE / BTC
    10 million ACE
    5.10 - 5.25(16 Days)
    • 2016.10 Project start
    • 2016.11 Pre-ICO started
    • SimpleWallet Beta release
  2. 2nd Phase
    5.26Fri - 7.16Sun(52 Days)
    11,000 ACE / BTC
    15 million ACE
    7.17 - 8.2(17 Days)
  3. 3rd Phase
    8.3Thu - 10.9Mon(52 Days)
    9,000 ACE / BTC
    22 Million ACE
    10.10 - 10.24(15 Days)
  4. 4th Phase
    10.25Wed - 12.31Sun(68 Days)
    8,500 ACE / BTC
    25 Million ACE
    2018.1.1 - 1.16(16 Days)
  5. 5th Phase
    2018.1.17Wed - 3.20Tue(63 Days)
    8,000 ACE / BTC
    28 Million ACE
    • 3.21 AceToken Release

You can join the ICO of AceToken with PC or smartphone from all over the world.


Contact us about AceToken.

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